BTR interior design

Essential BTR amenity upgrades post-lockdown

Anya Sokolskaya
May 14, 2021

We’re all looking forward to the relaxation of lockdown and a return to normality…or are we? With so much time spent cooped up in our cosy apartments, we’ve pretty much formed a habit of being locked down in our homes. How comfortable we’ll be venturing back into the world outside the comforts of our homes and using the public and amenity spaces of our BTR apartment blocks?

What can Build to Rent developers and operators be doing to make their public and amenity spaces better for the health and wellbeing of their residents?

Our team at TEN London has brainstormed some simple interior design hacks to incorporate now into every BTR development:

Maximise natural light

Most spaces have it but are not making the most of it! Our experience shows that people prefer spending time in naturally-lit interiors. Even better if there is a big window with a nice view outdoors.

Quick upgrades: lighter wall colours and mirrors will help to bounce more light deeper into the floorplan, creating an overall lighter, airier feel in the whole space. Move bulky furniture away from the windows to extend the reach of light inside the space.

Move outdoors

Facilities that can cater for more outdoor seating are going to be incredibly popular this year and we believe for many years to come. The reality of UK climate is apparent to all of us but there are ways to ‘hack’ even the rainiest of days to make the  most of the outdoors.

Quick upgrades: installing floor to ceiling opening doors, to give a feel of sitting outside. Installing awnings and parasols to give cover in the event of rain or too much sun.

Unleash the greenery

Sitting outdoors will not always be possible and if you do not have the space, why not bring the outdoors indoors? The health benefits of greener interior spaces are endless and plants are a very cost-effective way of freshening up a tired-looking space.

Quick upgrades: stick to easy-to-maintain greenery with big leaves for maximum impact, such as our favourite Areca palm. Add texture and detail with beautiful ceramic pots.

Add something beautiful

A space is not complete without good art. Art can lift your spirits and make you smile, sometimes make you think – it is an essential part of a holistic interior.

Quick upgrades: dress up your blank walls with something beautiful or if you can’t decide what (or have no budget for a good piece) dedicate the space to host a gallery-wall for local artists to exhibit their work. Win-win!

Now, more than ever, it is important to give people a reason to get out of their comfort zone. We will only do this if we have to or if we want to. We believe there is a huge desire to get back to socialising, collaborating and spending time together so let’s create more space where we want to spend time in together!