Our Furniture procurement service was born out of the realisation that the Build to Rent market could benefit from strategized buying and economies of scale. We feel that its broken: long supply chains, no transparency, poor quality and no eco or sustainability credentials.

Utilising our extensive network of contacts we sought and vetted the best in class manufacturers and suppliers who have great experience in residential and hospitality – who understand the challenges of manufacturing & delivering at scale. We understand the nuances of the Operations in BTR & hotels – and hence all the furniture and supplies we work with on projects are chosen with timeless design, value for money and quality in mind.

How we work

Our Furniture procurement services include the following:

Amenity Furniture

As part of our design service we source and specify amenity furniture for any BTR project no matter the size of the project. Working with an extensive network of manufacturers & artisans we strive to create diverse amenity spaces, with an eclectic and attractive furniture pieces.  We have a dedicated team that oversees everything from specification, material selection and professional installation. The products we specify for amenity spaces are contract quality and adhere to UK safety regulations.

Apartment  Furniture Packs

We provide a range of versatile, design led, timeless furniture packs to complete the look of your BTR apartments. We work directly with manufacturers, who are vetted to produce furniture in an environmentally responsible, ethical ways whilst also delivering to budget. We also offer a high degree of customisation meaning that no two projects are the same. For clients looking to differentiate their brand even further we can offer bespoke furniture manufacturing to create a signature range of furniture for any of your BTR developments or your entire portfolio.

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