The Build to Rent sector is booming with thousands of residential apartment units coming on market annually. Majority of the projects in UK are still within their first phase of operations, however as your development is nearing 5-6 years post completion it is important to start evaluating your options and costs for the next phase of planned maintenance.


Ten has developed a strategic solution for Operators to ensure the disposal of their furniture is ethical and environmentally friendly. We believe that we can offer an unparalleled and end-to-end solution to ensure you do not contribute to the current climate change problem by disposing of your furniture in a socially irresponsible way. Most Operators have not considered that the cost of disposal is actually a cost to be budgeted for through the life-cycle of the furniture. More importantly having a reliable and robust solution to dispose of this furniture should be core to you purchase decisions. Our Second Life Programme ensures you have full transparency of the furniture’s eventual disposal. We assist with turning this possible problem into an opportunity – creating a positive outcome for your company and the Planet.


Talk to us about how you can plan today for the eventual ethical and socially responsible strategy to dispose of your furniture.

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